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3D Printing is a technology that keeps moving forward.

As well as the Ultimaker FDM printer  (thin layers of thermoplastic) that you’ve seen demonstrated at shows I also have a resin based printer that can create far higher quality models in a reduced time.

This uses Ultra violet light to cure a liquid resin in the pattern required, resulting in less visible printing lines.

As of November 2018 I’m planning to resume work on the Gresley 32ft Brake van, seen here in 7mm scale with an aim to have an update by the Guildford O Gauge Show in Reading..32t Brake The sides are produced as a single wall, so no struggles needed to obtain a stright wall! I’m still experimenting with the capabilities of this new machine but will be looking to longer vehicles with complete walls and roof in the future.

Also in progress with the new printer are the 51ft suburban stock in 4mm scale showing greater detail, including hinges and pre-drilled holes for handles and grab rails. These bodies can either be produced in kit form or as preformed bodies with separate roof.

When available these will be added to the main page.


I’m often asked if I can produce carriages from other regions.

Whilst this is possible, it’s a matter of time and research. I already have an excellent supply of LNER drawings, starting from scratch for other companies or another era would be a massive undertaking. If you have the CAD work for another carriage I may well be able to assit in printing  for you,


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