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Aswell as the CCT pictured below, I also have a avilable a range of Gresley carriage body kits in 3mm, 4mm and 7mm scales  (S-scale is possible, I just haven’t tried it yet)

At present I’ve only worked on 51’ suburban stock (Samples available to view at exhibitions) and 52’ 6” stock with corridor connectors. Longer vehicles are in progress

NEW : If you have created your own 3D model file - click here to upload it and receive a quote for printing via .

4mm cct 2

GCR CCT body kit available in 4mm, 7mm, 10mm.

S scale and 1/32 available but will be finalised when required

Body Kit includes roof and walls and frame. Card required for floor and glazing.

Wheels, W-irons, pipes, buffers, couplings, brake gear not included

GCR CCT - select Scale :


4mm Instructions

7mm Instructions

Roof Profiles:

Gresley 51’ , 52’6” , 61’6” available in 3mm, 4mm and 7mm. Email if the roof you requires isn’t listed below,

Roof sections designed to the Gresley eliptical curve profile.  Approx .8mm thickness in sections up to  19cm, joined to provide full carriages. Please download the roof instructions

Gresley 51ft Suburban roof 7mm



Gresley 52’ 6” Roof 7mm

includes domed ends


Gresley 61’ 6” Roof 7mm

includes domed ends


Gresley Domed ends 7mm



Gresley 51ft Suburban roof 4mm



Gresley 52’ 6” Roof 4mm

includes domed ends


Gresley 61’ 6” Roof 4mm

includes domed ends


Gresley Domed ends 7mm











Frequently asked questions

What material do you use?

Mostly I use PLA. A plastic material that is based upon corn starch. It starts to become pliable at about 65C and has a melting point of about 180C. Models are generally printed at 210C. A flexible material ,it accepts paint readily with very little preparation. As PLA has an organic base it does eventually break down when disposed of in landfill, however this won’t occur to the model in use as it requires higher than normal temperatures in damp conditions, pretty much a compost heap.

Can you see the lines?

The process I’m using is additive layer printing. The model is “printed” in thin layers with the print bed being lowered to build the model up. With a layer height of .2mm , these layers are visible to the eye before painting. I find using an undercoat with micro filler remove most traces of the lines. For greater detail the layer height can be reduced to 60 microns at the cost of greatly increased printing time.

Can the designs be printed at shapeways?

Yes they can. Once we have a working prototype the same model will almost certainly work on a high end printing service.

Can the model be painted?

Yes. PLA accepts paint easily, I’ve been using Alclad undercoat with microfiller with excellent results.


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