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SR 36 tons steam breakdown crane and match wagon

1 A2 sheet


Peterborough (New England) Loco coaling plant

4 elevations and floor plan, 12ft to inch scale



Welwyn North Station, May 1957



GNR Goods and Mineral junction, plan shewing proposed signalling arrangements

Five arch bridge signal box to Copenhagen junc.


Kings Cross loco coaling plant

8ft to 1 inch


Grantham, 1957

scale 1:1250


Grantham Staion improvement, upside buildings c1951-1954



LNER Kings Cross Goods undated

88feet : 1 inch


Grantham Junction up platform awning 1947

3/4” to 1 foot


Station buildings Plan, Hatfield

undated - BR, 1/8” : 1 foot - plan only no elevation.


Saltersford loop, proposed 2000 gals parachute water column.



Peterborough North Nene Viaduct to Spital Bridge. 1947

20 feet:1 inch





added 5th Feb



New Southgate Survey 1956

40ft to 1 inch


Kings Cross platforms















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