Isinglass 7mm Kits

The 7mm kit range is planned to be available starting February and March 21.

What’s in the box?

As with the 4mm kit range, the initial offering will be a body kit, containing sides, ends roof and some components such as vents and battery boxes plus a not to scale Isinglass drawing of the kit. A scale drawing can be included with the kit at extra cost for printing and postage.

I will increase the number of components in due course but that will take time.

Why not a complete kit?

Much as I’d like to offer a complete kit, it would slow down development time. Many parts simply are not appropriate in 3D printing, by leaving them out you get to chose the parts that work best for you without me adding a handling cost. This way, I hope to provide the widest possible body  range as soon as possible

 What kits are available?
To start with I’m releasing 4 kits, the 32’ brake, long 4 wheeled CCT, the GNR Milk brake and the GNR 58’6” Corridor composite. I’ll make these available on the website as quickly as possible. Other kits will be added on demand but it’s not a matter of simply upscaling the 4mm kits as there is an element of rework to complete for every model. If there’s a kit you want, let me know and I’ll move it onto the 7mm to do list.

Can you add...?

I can  .. in time. New products take time to develop and add to the inventory.

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