What Printers do you operate?

We have both FDM machines and DLP Resin printers. If you want to know more, come along and meet us at an exhibition where we’ll be happy to talk about CAD and 3D printing in general.

Do you take Card Payments?

I can’t take payment over the phone.

Online sales are all handled by Paypal. If you wish you can posty a cheque payable to Thatcham Create, or contact me for bank details for faster payments. At exhibitions, we can take cash, Chip and Pin or contactless.

Have you got a searchable catalogue?

I’m busy up[grading how the website works. I’ll make this as easy as I can for you but with over 500 drawings even simple changes take time.

Have you got a phone number?.  Yes. +44 (0)7791 241863.

Can you design a ....?

Yes I probably can. If it’s an item that I can sell in my range then I’ll suggest a reasonable CAD charge. If it is a bespoke design my hourly rate applies, plus development costs to cover materials.


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