GNR Milk Brake by K. Lavey
GNR Milk Brake by P. Morter

Customer Review: P. Morter, August 2020

The GNR Milk Van is a great model for your first venture into building bogie coaching stock from a 3D printed kit, the inclusion of a detailed drawing with information on running numbers and livery is a great help. Following the instructions I built the bodyshell and attached this to the roof which had been previously drilled and fitted with vents and grab handles, this was straightforward with a good fit on parts although do allow plenty of time for the glue to set.

 The one piece underframe comes with battery boxes and vacuum cylinders but other detailing items will need to be sourced by the modeller, I used MJT parts for the additional components, with buffers from Lanarkshire Models. Do note the sides are handed so make sure you fit the dynamo to the correct end of the underframe. You might wish to weight the underframe at this stage.

 It was necessary to shave of the raised pips on the inside face of the bogie axle boxes to get the wheel sets free running, do a dry fit with the bearings first to check this. A very neat design feature of the underframe is the inclusion of various components to allow either fitting the Isinglass Fox bogies or those from MJT.

 Door furniture was again from MJT along plus small amounts of 0.5mm brass wire, all the door and grab handle apertures are pre-moulded and required little or no opening out.

 The kit takes primer really well, I used grey overall then hand painted the sides with Vallejo orange brown acrylic, this gives an excellent undercoat for the Phoenix golden teak top coat with which to achieve that grained teak effect. Do paint the cant rail teak colour, it is easily masked off before spraying the roof. Apply transfers, spray overall with satin varnish and glaze.

 Carefully ease the completed underframe into the underside of the bodyshell, the locating ribs and rebates are another great idea and ensure a secure fit but one that allows for dismantling should any interior maintenance be required.

 A well thought out kit with care and patience will build up into a excellent representation of an interesting prototype using superglue as the principal adhesive, this is a real plus for modellers as minimal tools are required to construct and no soldering is needed.

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This kit is now available with TPO ends to represent 2 Diagram 310 vans converted as postal stowage Vans. Either mention TPO in the request box, or search for TPO in the 3D Model Shop.

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