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The LNER quad-arts provided the iconic commuter trains into North London from the 1920s through to BR days in the 1960s, There were many variants amongst the 8 car trains and as a starting point, Isinglass have modelled the GNR all 3rd (Diag 467( and GNR Composite (Diag 476) quads in their 1920s guise. Modifications to later eras can be requested in the instruction section and other diagrams will be added to the ‘to do’ list on request.

The All 3rd Quad was reviewed in Hornby magazine (November 2020 , issue 161 and the review is available on line to Hornby Subscribers. Mike Wild of Hornby magazine commented on the superb fit of Isinglass 3d printed parts  and the ‘quite remarkable single piece’ 3d printed bogies.



GNR All 3rd Quad

GNR Composite Quad

NetObjects Fusion 2015
TC Logov3