Carriage kits include:

2xsides, 2x ends, Roof and vents, vacuum cylinder, battery boxes,  with a not-to-scale Isinglass drawing of the vehicle



Diagram 23a, 61’6”  Corridor 3rd and Hairdressing saloon covers carriage numbers 1007 and 1012. Originally built to diagram 23 they were modified for each set of the 1928 Flying Scotsman non-stop train by removing two and a half compartments and substituting a larger area for the ladies toilet and a hairdressers shop, leaving five third class compartments and a third coupe.

In 1932, 2 more compartments were removed and converted into a cocktail bar until 1933 when the area was converted into a buffet.

New stock for the Flying Scotsman in 1938 saw these vehicles revert to an 8 compartment 3rd.


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Diag23a 1932
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