August 2020.

Look out for Scale Forum in September. Day job permitting I’ll be available through the day for online sessions.

Latest additions to the kit range include Drawing 168, 52’6” GNR 1st Saloon and the diagram 476 composite quad artt to match the GNR all 3rd quad-art realeased in January

I’m now including vacuum cylinders as standard with carriage kits and will be adding battery boxes as they become available. These are also available for sale. If you’ve bought a kit and need these components, drop me an email and I’ll be happy to send them on.

I’m still working thorugh the ‘to-do’ list. For those that have paid a deposit, I’m still working on it :). Work has slowed down considerably now that I have a day job but I’ve completed 5 carriages on this list in the last couple of months.  Please drop me a line and I will reply with the latest status.

7mm Carriage kits.

Scaling the kits up is taking longer than anticipated. I have the completed CAD for a GNR 58’ side and I’m now looking at how best to make that into a kit. Key points are the joins and how thick the wall has to be to maintain detail. More to follow.

September 2020

Isinglass now have a you tube channel! watch and subscribe here

The first video shows what you get in an isinglass kit, I’ll be adding more videos later showing building, painting and how things fit together. Suggestions welcome!

Virtual Scale forum is drawing nearer, I’ll try to add more videos before then and day job permitting I’ll be available on the day via skype/zoom and or other technologies.

October 2020

Product review of the Isinglass Quad-art kit in Hornby Magazine, November 2020


November 2020

New To the product range, Diagram 23 61’5” Open 3rd plus the 1928 and 1932 Hairdressing salon/Cocktail Bar conversions for the Flying Scotsman train. More kits are in development and will be added soon.

Isinglass also have a new telephone number.. 01635 925627

January 2021

New To the product range, are the following 4mm kits:

101 diag 211 61’ 6” Corridor Composite
122 diag 35 61’6” Brake 3rd 4 compartments. Diagrams 38,39,114,292 can be made available on requerst.
174. GNR ex 6 wheel artic triple diag 218K Luton Stock. The similar West riding GNR artic sets will be available shortly.

7mm Kits

7mm Kits are now being added to my range. First out are the Gresley 32’ Brake, The 4 wheel 37’6” long CCT, The GNR 58’6” corridor composite and the GNR DIag 310 Milk brake.FInal tweaks are in progress and these will be available on the website shortly.

Postage Increase. In these troubled times, Royal Mail are increasing their costs on a frequent basis instead of in March every year. UK P&P has increased by 15p to cover this.


May 2021

New to the range are 2 West Riding ex GNR articulated triplet sets, Diagram 218D and 218N. More West Riding diagrams are to follow soon.

TPO ends have been added as an option to kit 215, the GNR Milk Brake. 2 Diagram 210 vans were modified for use as Postal stowage Vans.

Diagrams 164/165 and Diagram 131 Postal Vans are in the early stages of development.

Two 7mm Kits are now available from the model shop. More will follow shortly.

Development on N gauge and 2mm scale models continues. Email for product updates.


June 2021

GNR Crenalated fencing is now availble from Isinglass in lineside components. Details can be seen on Youtube .

Kit 210 GNR Diagram 183 Lav Brake composite is now available.

More West Riding and Ex GNR articulated set added.

Drawing 674, Diagram 218HH triplet brake compo,
Drawing 179, diagram 218 UU triplet brake compo
Drawing 172 diagram 198 and218 B twin
Drawing set 12, ex GNR diagrams 218o and 218x (Quad and quint) Will be available soon

Work continues Diagram 164/165 TPOs