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Isinglass 3D printed components are designed to complement our own kits but can be used to enhance other models.

Isinglass Bogies are designed to use waisted bearings and 26mm axles with an 8BA fitting. A riser is included, this can be sanded down to achieve the correct ride height.

If you utilise the Symoba close coupling system, mention this in the order and I’ll supply bogies with the additonal clearance needed.

All Isinglass bogies come complete with NEM fittings.

Carriage Seating. Specify compartment sizes and any mix of class for composites so I can tailor the order for you. Unless mentioned otherwise, each order is for 8 compartments.

For Corridor Partition walls, compartment size and mix is essential. Each length of wall is 18-20cm long, price is for a pair to cut to correct size. Bespoke mixes can be provided for carriages with a coupe.  

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