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Isinglass Carriage Kits generally include

2xsides, 2x ends, Roof and vents/corridor connectors (as required)

** NEW ** Kits now also include vacuum cylinders and battery boxes

A drawing will be included but in most cases it will be printed to fit an A4 page and not to 4mm scale. If you do need the 4mm scale drawing, add it as a separate item. I’ll refund most of the drawing cost and include it folded with the kit, NB, This may delay postage if the drawing is not is stock.

You can also add a Frame and bogies to fit in the box below.

My range of carriage seating is expanding and now includes corridor compartments that can be ordered separately and 2 aside open seating (based on diagram 307 twin open 3rd).

Some kits, such as the 32’ Gresley Brake, also include additional items.

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