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NEW : If you have created your own 3D model file, click here to upload it and receive a quote for printing from Isinglass (via . Special attention provided for railway related orders.

“... you must work to an accurate set of drawings. Isinglass Models offers the best set of 4mm Scale ‘K1’ drawings around” Graeme King,Model Rail

Peppercorn class A1
4200 Gallon Group standard tenders
Gresley 52' 6" open 3rd
Gresley class P1 2-8-2
Gresley 61' 6" open 3rd
Thompson class L1 2-6-2 tank engine

Fine scale LNER drawings, used & recommended  by modellers for over 45 years.

Each drawing is fully dimensioned and contains the essential details to model or draw with confidence. Recommended by experienced modellers.

View the example drawings or search the on-line catalogue and order below. Gauge 3 drawings are available on request. Please call for details.

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Select Drawing type or set. (as listed in the on-line catalogue)

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4mm  from 5.00,  S scale from 9.00 7mm from 12.00

10mm  & 1/32 17.50 per drawing.

P&P added to each order, rate varies according to country.

A full price list & catalogue can be

downloaded for free

Drawings are priced per sheet. All locomotives are ‘size B’ and most coaches (except twins/triplets) are size A , but please e-mail if you are uncertain.

We can now accept card payment by phone. Please checkout as normal and select pay by phone instead of Paypal or Google checkout. We will call later to confirm your order.

If you prefer to write, please state the drawing numbers and scale you require,make all cheques payable to Isinglass Models,and  send to:

27 Grange Road
07973 768080 (6 pm - 8 pm Most weekday evenings)
For any queries, please email: isinglass @

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