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To order Isinglass scale drawings please visit the Drawings Page where the full range in all scales are available. Follow us on Facebook facebook1

New Parts available:

Chimneys and Torpedo vents in scales up to 10mm. Email for prices and details - Pictures and order buttons to follow soon.

Any other parts you need? Please email your request.


Gresley Carriages

Select the carriage length:

Select the scale:

Carriage description, diagram number or Isinglass drawing number. Include as much details as possible and any variation to the basic vehicle.

If the diagram you want isn’t shown below, add the details here so I can look into it and provide you with  a timescale. If  I can’t provide the carriage you need in good time, you’ll receive a full refund.


GN Quad Arts. A regular request for a kit  has been the GN Quad-art set.  Email  me here to register, I Need to guage interest before I commence an 8 carriage project.


4mm Carriage Bodies . 7mm Work in progress.

drg 111

Suburban Brake 3rd 4 compartment & steam auto driving carriage. Drawing 111 in the Isinglass Catalogue covering Diagrams 64 65 128 294 317 320 & clc42C

Please specify which Diagram you require when ordering.

Drg 112 side

51’ 1 ” Gresley ordinary 3rd (8 compartments) Isinglass

drawing 112,diagrams 55 56 57 276 CLC21

drg 128 side

51' 1" Gresley ordinary brake 3rd class (6 compartments),

Drawing 228 diagram 246

drg 128 end
Drg 194 profile

52’6 Short Corridor Stock.

Available Diagrams are:

1st class

Drawing 190

Diagram 140



3rd class








Brake 3rd


41, 146


Luggage Brake






3D printed custom components

Exhibitions are always interesting and visitors often bring challenges to work on that include pointed smokebox doors, gear and flywheels, lampshades and 4mm window frames for an exhibition layout. All of these have been designed on the stand during a show with the customers feed back as the design progresses. 
Pullman Table photo by John Crowther
Pullman Table photo by John Crowther


7mm Lampshades, printed on the FDM machine then fitted as working lamps,

Gears and flywheels, ratios and sizes to customer specification. Detail too fine for commercial 3D print shops.

picket fence - Model created  by Adrian Simpson

chinese depot

Picket fence in 7mm - Model prepared by a customer and produced by Isinglass

Chinese Depot and shop fronts- Window and door frames designed and produced by Isinglass.

If there’s a part you can’t obtain elsewhere or manufacture yourself, email Isinglass for a quote.

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