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Isinglass Models have been helping railway modellers since 1965. Our range of Finescale drawings of the LNER are unmatched and now those drawings are used to model our own own range of high detailed 3D printed kits.

Thatcham Create serves the West Berkshire area for 3d printing services and property scanning.

Download the drawings catalogue here , you’ll need the drawing number to order any drawings or ask for a new kit to be added to our range.

 Shop from the Kit and drawings catalogue in our 3D Model Shop.

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Kit product search only. Searches for drawings/components may not respond correctly! Any queries - drop me an email. 

A customer built GE quint-set running on Isinglass bogies.

For a more in depth review, follow the build process on RMWeb

“I'd like to say that the service provided to me by Isinglass was brilliant, followed by the sheer quality of the kit which arrived on my doorstep yesterday”

Norton Wood, RM Web

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Isinglass Carriage Kits generally include

2xsides, 2x ends, Roof and vents/corridor connectors (as required)

**New** kits now also include vacuum cylinders abd battery boxes,

You can also add a Frame and bogies to fit in the box below.

My range of carriage seating is expanding and now includes corridor compartments that can be ordered separately.

Open style seating is not yet available. Email for more information.

Some kits, such as the 32’ Gresley Brake, also include additional items.

Shop for Kits and Scale drawings here

Isinglass D120 Van by Tony Wright BRM

Gresley 32’ Brake built and photographed Tony Wright. Reviewed in BRM June 2020.

“I’m delighted with how this model has turned out.” “It was very easy and a pleasure to build” Tony Wright.

GNR Milk Brake

GNR Milk Brake diag.310 built and photographed by Ken Lavey

“The 3-d printed body and roof parts are accurate, an excellent fit, with no flash” Ken Lavey

Lineside Update.

GNR Crenelated fencing is now available in 4mm. Enquire for other scales.

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